SD OPTRONICS invest in the most advanced and high-precision production facilities and testing equipment for production and testing high-quality Switchable Smart Film.

Self-innovative design and development of automated production equipment machine, professional automation / Roll-to-Roll production process to ensure that many co-manufacturers supply without fear.
Using the most high-end R & D technology, the use of high-quality raw materials, clean room production environment, testing quality control
Specialized, refined and standardized management model, for the product selection of best raw materials, production research and development, technical adjustment, manufacturing optimization, precision control every step of the production details, with strict quality control mechanism.
Self-Independent R&D technology, provide all-round, customized, one-stop service. (Customized product is available)
Professional and technical team, to provide customers the most complete advice and after-sales service

With a wide range of products: standard type, high transparent type, heat insulation type, color dimming film type, strengthen waterproof type, direct-pasted type, projection type, and so on a number of independent research and development products.

Patent Certificate

Taiwan Self independent core technology (automation / Roll to Roll)

SD OPTRONICS Switchable Smart Film R & D / manufacturer

High specifications – strict clean room plant


Roll to Roll automated production


High precision testing equipment


High precision testing equipment


Switchable Smart Film – Roll type