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SD OPTRONICS Product advantages

High quality and stability, Affordable price
Excellent optical performance, with higher transparency, high quality stability, light incident uniformity.
SD OPTRONICS R&D improved old products issues on the market, impatient for ultraviolet radiation, almost no yellowish by long time usage, uneven coating of liquid crystal, poor weather resistance and other issues.
SD OPTRONICS Switchable Smart Film has a close adhesion, can be combined with a variety of laminating (PVB / EVA / EN), and maintain high yield rate.Note: different gluing method, the applications of the place are also limited, in line with the above gluing method to meet a large number of market demands. (Other brand – EVA only)
SD OPTRONICS Switchable Smart Film: Larger withstand voltage range (Special mode can be directly withstand 110V)Switchable Smart Film drive voltage: AC 65 ± 5 volts (50 / 60HZ)(Specific mode) feasible direct connection-AC 110 ± 5 volts (50 / 60HZ)
Development of damp environment application Dimming film: upgraded version of waterproof special treatment technology
In house made, self-produced, self-independent core technology, customized, one-stop service.
With a wide range of products: standard type, high transparent type, heat insulation type, color dimming film type, special treatment to strengthen the waterproof type, direct-pasted type, projection type, and so on a number of independent research and development products.

SD OPTRONICS Video presentation: Product Introduction

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SD OPTRONICS the latest generation of Switchable Smart Film with high transparent, better shield, light incident uniformity and enhance the various performance of the product.


SD OPTRONICS provide a series of high-quality Switchable Smart Film and Switchable Smart Laminated Glass.

(1) Switchable Smart Film
Switchable Smart Film Base Film (bare film) (SD-A)
Direct-pasted type Switchable Smart Film (SD-B)
(Curtain grade) – Switchable Smart Film Base Film (SD-C)
(2) Switchable Smart Laminated Glass
Direct-pasted type: Switchable Smart Film attached into single piece glass (SD-SG)
Laminated type: Switchable Smart Laminated Glass (SD-LG)


SD OPTRONICS – Switchable Smart Film Base Film (bare film) product specifications are as follows:

Operating mode: power off: opaque / power on: transparent
Size: Width1250mm (regular inventory) or 1500mm (Max. width by orders) Length Max. 100M (Roll type)
Thickness:  0.4 mm/400µm ± 5 µm
Drive voltage: AC 65 ± 5 volts (50/60HZ) In special mode – 110V available
Power consumption: 5W / ㎡ below (ON)
Transmittance (visible light): on≧80% off≧50%
Parallel light transmittance: >72% (ON); <5% (OFF)
Operating speed: OFF (opaque) → ON (transparent) about 2ms
  ON (transparent) → OFF (opaque) about 8ms
Viewing angle: >140° under transparent (ON) condition
Temperature conditions
  Storage temperature: – 20°C ~ 80°C
  Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 70°C
Number of ON/OFF: estimated to be more than 8,000,000 times
Warranty: 1 year (in the normal use and Smart Film must be sealed on the edge completely)
Production country: Made in Taiwan
Related Applications: Direct-pasted Type / Laminated Glass Type
How to use it: through the user’s power control equipment (such as switch, remote control and other functional options), to control the Switchable Smart Laminated Glass to be transparent or opaque.


SD OPTRONICS Switchable Smart Film Base Film (bare film) (SD-A) Basic structure and operation theory


SD OPTRONICS Direct-pasted type Switchable Smart Film (SD-B) Basic structure and operation theory


SD OPTRONICS Switchable Smart Laminated Glass (SD-LG) Basic structure and operation theory


SD OPTRONICS Switchable Smart Laminated Glass (SD-LG)

Switchable Smart Laminated Glass (referred to as: Smart Glass) is the two pieces of glass through the glue method lamination with the Switchable Smart Film made by the combination of voltage control through the liquid crystal arrangement to achieve the glass transparent or opaque function. With advanced optoelectronic design, to provide architectural design and product combination of the latest optoelectronic building materials, when used in building outer wall or indoor compartments, in addition to preserving the privacy at the same time, it can offer heat insulation energy saving of comfortable life.



Curved Switchable Smart Laminated Glass