Switchable Smart Laminated Glass through the voltage-driven can be transparent or opaque.  So, its application can be unlimited. It can be parallel, series or independent circuit. Remote control, wall control, voice control,Temperature control and other automated control, and also through a combination of different voltage control transparency, let smart home more unique.

Power ON transparent, Power OFF opaque, rapid changes in the control, diversification of control, wall control, light control, voice control, temperature control, remote control, remote network control, can be tailored to customer needs.

Switchable Smart Laminated Glass for thermal insulation compartment and energy saving, according to the outdoor temperature and light changes, by adjusting the voltage processing, can automatically adjust the light transmittance and to adjust the temperature dimming effect.

With ultra-high UV resistance, environmental protection and health care.

SD OPTRONICS Smart Film Products – main application and market

Application: prestige class space privacy / energy-saving heat insulation / projection

Building materials: glass curtain wall, indoor sunroof, aluminum windows, Hotel compartment, interior compartment, meeting rooms, clean rooms, medical system, windows, glass floor … and so on.

Equipment material: Inspection testing machine, backlight module, refrigerator, showcase, kitchen cabinets … and so on.

Transport categories: car sunroof, front windshield sunshade mask, train window, limousine bus windows, and yacht windows, aircraft … and so on.

Exhibition venue: with different control switch transparent / opaque to attract the attention of consumers, but also through the projector showing a large screen interactive use.

SD OPTRONICS Switchable Smart Laminated Glass- Actual application/ Example