SD OPTRONICS is a group of optoelectronic technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering of professional R & D personnel from the combination, have a solid R & D and years of practical experience on liquid crystal, polymer materials, optics, machinery manufacturing and other technologies (has engaged in the field of more than 10 years of technical staff of the professional team) at the same time have a number of successful development of technology research and development results, the use of specialized, refined and standardized management model, for the product selection of best raw materials, production research and development, technical adjustment, manufacturing optimization, to provide all-round products guarantee.

MIT Self-Independent R&D / Manufacturing in Taiwan

“SD,OPTRONICS.”= Switchable Smart Film technology and product update

“Switchable Smart Film” = The latest optoelectronic building materials

“SD OPTRONICS” Company mission is committed to R & D and production of high quality, high stability, and high efficiency Switchable Smart Film.

Using high-end R & D technology, the use of high-quality raw materials, clean room production environment, testing quality control.

Switchable Smart Film and Smart Laminated Glass Professional manufacturer – High specifications & strict clean room plant

SD OPTRONICS – Company organization chart is shown below.